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Wholeheartedly to serve you, create a win-win!


Professional domestic container shipping mainly engaged in guangdong pearl river delta TO and from domestic coastal cities, domestic trade container DOOR TO DOOR transport services. Transport costs are as low as 60% for conventional motor vehicles. A good transportation method can reduce your transportation cost.


Main business scope:

1. Door to door service for domestic water containers from south to north. (transportation services from huangpu port, nansha port, shekou port, foshan seven ports, zhongshan port, shantou port, zhanjiang port and other ports to domestic coastal cities)

2. Spratly express line to tianjin, yingkou, jinzhou and dalian. (three to four days to the port, five to six days to the door)

3. Other routes: Qingdao port, rizhao port, yantai port, quanzhou port, xiamen port, fuzhou port, Shanghai port, taicang port, nanjing port, nantong port, zhangjiagang port, zhenjiang port, changshu port, jiangsu province, yangzhou port, changzhou port, jiangyin port, zhejiang province, part of anhui province; Door to door service of ningbo port, wenzhou port, domestic trade containers that can extend to the inland and surrounding areas and ports along the Yangtze river.


Marine concrete operation process: the customer to confirm the price - > customer accept the power of attorney - > we arrange booking and inform the client send - > loading time - > check the number of loading and sealing number -- - > > box back to field aboard expected time of arrival - > notify customers expected time of arrival - > inform client money - > received shipping costs - > box we arrange delivery at the docks - > confirm delivery time with our customer - > to complete delivery



Our company has established long-term cooperative partnership with a number of large domestic trade shipping companies, and has more choices in terms of shipping schedule, which can better meet the needs of our customers. Combined with the needs of customers, customers of the urgent, we in good faith attitude, safe transport, fast information feedback service!

Domestic shipping companies, domestic shipping companies, domestic water transport companies, domestic container companies, domestic freight forwarding companies, domestic freight forwarding companies, domestic shipping logistics companies. The door to door transportation service of domestic shipping container, as a new transportation method, the transportation cost is only 60% of the traditional automobile transportation. In the future, we will get more understanding and recognition from customers. Freight forwarding co., ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of HUALIN INTERNALTIONAL. The company name in Singapore is HUALIN INTERNALTIONAL. Guangzhou lefeng freight forwarding co., ltd. was officially registered with the ministry of industry and commerce in January 2009 after trial operation in 2008. China headquarters is located in baiyun district, guangzhou city, guangdong province, China. Style is home to guangzhou and shenzhen, extended to the pearl river delta as the center, set up agency Australia, southeast Asia shipping network, through the international ocean shipping and LCL cargo shipping, double qing FCL shipping, shipping, shipping pair clear to door service, provide all over the world with "all-round, the entire process, all-weather" logistics service, wholeheartedly for the general customers to provide safe, economic and convenient overseas freight service as the goal.


In Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangkok, the United Kingdom, dubai and other routes to achieve double qing to the door of international professional transport services.

Sea transportation to port of Hamburg, FCL/LCL door to port operation. The saddest thing for a man is not the death of his conscience.


German Marine LCL FCL to the port one - stop service! The operation mode of packing/picking up/shipping/warehousing is orderly


You can see it, you can touch it. Affordable/thoughtful service/professional agent

Wide acceptance of goods: moving consignment, large equipment, glass, wood products, printing paper, furniture, bedding,


Bicycle, motorcycle parts, car parts, mouse pad, mobile phone packaging boxes, gift boxes, accessories, plastic products


Products, curtains, clothing hat industry, cloth, LED headlights and so on all general cargo transport! Korean Marine chemical to chiwan | import declaration company

Korean Marine chemical to chiwan | import declaration company

Korean Marine chemical to chiwan | import declaration company

Information required for airport customs clearance:

Notice of arrival or air waybill, packing list of goods, invoice, brand and model of products, place of origin, gross weight, net weight, composition and use, etc.

Founded in 1997, haibang international freight forwarding co., ltd. has three program reception centers in south China, east China and north China, and a large-scale supply chain service platform with 300 comprehensive logistics division. The main operating outlets are located in Hong Kong, shenzhen, dongguan, guangzhou, Shanghai, suzhou, tianjin, Qingdao, ningbo and other cities. It is one of the first professional customs declaration firms approved by shenzhen customs and has branches all over the major coastal customs areas. With a fleet of 78 trailers, Hong Kong sheng hang zhong gang transportation co., LTD. Has sufficient land transportation capacity.

Our advantage is: large scale -- nearly 300 people from 9 branches in China will provide one-to-one service for you. Wide range - providing import sea clearance services from 56 countries and regions to China. Good reputation - 15 years of careful pioneering achievements is now one of the best import logistics companies in China.

Sea state import and export co., LTD., is in the domestic advocate "standard imported logistics", "one-stop import logistics", "standard" enterprise logistics outsourcing, focus on the import logistics industry, successively set up in mainland China "state China dongguan company" sea "sea states China Shanghai company" "HaiBangGuo China Hong Kong company" and so on many branches, from creation to the present has been pursued in the spirit of customer first, focus on the import logistics, logistics supply chain management; To provide a wide range of logistics services to our customers, in particular to tailor suitable service plans for each customer, and to provide professional advice to meet customers' logistics needs.

International carriage of goods by sea refers to the act by which the carrier, in accordance with the provisions of the contract of carriage of goods by sea, takes the maritime vessel as the means of transport and collects the freight as a reward for carrying the goods consigned by the shipper from the port of one country to the port of another country by sea.

International Ocean Freight is the most important mode of transportation in International trade, accounting for more than two-thirds of the total volume of International trade, and most of China's import and export goods were transported by sea.竭诚为您服务,共创双赢!










1. 门到门的服务为生活用水容器从南到北。(黄埔港、南沙港、蛇口港、佛山七港、中山港、汕头港、湛江港等港口至国内沿海城市的运输服务)


2. 通往天津、营口、锦州和大连的南沙快线。(3 - 4天到港口,5 - 6天到门口)






海洋的具体操作流程:客户确认- >价格客户接受委托书- >我们安排订舱并告知客户端发送- >加载时间- >检查装载的数量和密封号码- - - > >箱回字段上预期到达时间- >通知客户预计到达时间- >通知客户资金- >收到运费- >盒子我们安排交货在码头上与我们的客户- > - >确认交货时间完成交货











































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    公司的整体质量和服务质量得到了船东,托运人和港口单位的广泛认可; 我们致力于为客户开发专业的集装箱运输服务,并提供高质量,低成本和合理的专业运输物流服务。



    • 与各大船务公司签定协议,提供优惠价格,拥有大量优势航线(欧地线、红海线、非洲线、美加线、南美线等等)。
    • 签发包括海洋提单在内的各类各式联运提单或货物承运凭证。
    • 可以根据客户要求,设计合理路线的方案,提供货物全程运输追踪等全方位一站式服务。
      • 可为国内外客户提供集装箱整箱、拼箱、散货及大宗货物的运输和租船业务,同时也可提供目的港的清关、拆箱、提货等服务。
      • 不管您的贸易方式是EXW, FOB还是CIF,我们都能受理
      • 为进口货物提供仓储,运输,集装箱装配和拆包,运输,保险等服务;
    • 在起运港直接办理各项所需的单证文件
    • 提供进口货物的货物换货,报关,检验,检验,结算,终端,接收和监管转运等一站式服务;


    1. 我司从事拖箱业务多年,拥有自己的拖车及仓库。可为客户提供不同时间的仓储、打托包装、薰蒸及短驳服务。
    2. 可以为客户提供全方位的货运保险,包括海运一切险、公路运输货运险、国际货运综合险,其它险等。
    3. 公司是专业的保税仓储、国际中转、加工整理、国际货代、报关报检、物流咨询、转口贸易、出口退税、物流分拨第三方物流企业。
      1. 公司在日本、韩国、台湾、东南亚、中东、澳洲、欧美、非洲等航线有较强的运价优势。
      2. 承接 散杂船、散货船、重吊船、滚装船等各种特种船的经纪与租船服务
      3. 进口——海运整集装箱及拼箱的全程进口、FOB进口运输代理服务
    4. 凭借庞大的商品量,我们可以为客户申请更优惠的价格,从而与客户实现双赢。
    5. 物流联系电话:18826441634
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