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Our company is a domestic shipping company with a long history and strong strength in guangdong, mainly engaged in domestic coastal domestic trade container DOOR TO DOOR transport, river barge and trailer transport. In China, a joint transport network has been established covering the provinces of heilongjiang, jilin, liaoning, Beijing, tianjin, hebei, shandong, jiangsu, Shanghai, along the Yangtze river, zhejiang, fujian, guangdong, hainan and guangxi. Our company has established long-term cooperative partnership with a number of large domestic trade shipping companies, so we have more choices in terms of shipping schedule, which can better meet the needs of our customers.




National port routes: take guangzhou, foshan, shenzhen, dongguan, shunde, zhongshan and other cities in the pearl river delta as the fulcrum of transportation business in south China, and radiate the whole south China coastal cities and other cities around; In east China, ports such as wenzhou, ningbo, Shanghai, tianjin, jiangyin, taicang, nantong, nanjing, yingkou and xiamen radiate the whole pan-yangtze river delta region. In north China, tianjin, Qingdao, rizhao, yantai and other ports radiate to shandong, henan, hebei, Inner Mongolia and other provinces; Northeast area radiates the whole northeast three provinces by dalian and yingkou port: liaoning, jilin, heilongjiang. Headquartered in guangzhou, the company has offices in Shanghai, zhangjiagang, jiangyin, taicang, nanjing, fuzhou, xiamen, ningbo and other places.



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Our company provides the shipping service of double clearance to door, advantage of shipping: shipping by sea to Philippines, shipping by sea to Malaysia, shipping by sea to Australia, shipping by sea to Canada, shipping by sea to New Zealand, shipping by sea to Indonesia, shipping by sea to Singapore, shipping by sea to Vietnam, shipping by sea to Thailand. Shipping to door


Guangzhou hongxun logistics co., LTD., specializing in international transport business, to provide customers at home and abroad maritime cargo transport services, including booking, allocation, customs clearance, shipping, storage, transport, delivery, insurance and a number of logistics services.


The company's business functions are complete, the realization of modern management, with an experienced, skilled business, professional ethics good staff team, can wholeheartedly provide new and old customers with safe, accurate, rapid, saving, convenient international freight services. Shipping in the Philippines, our shipping service implements the turnkey service, as long as the customer after delivery to our warehouse, since our company to all the formalities in the destination, are dealt with by us, until the goods have arrived at the customer's destination, shipping to door in the Philippines, the tax package bao qing shut in package to chengdu imported Italian red sea &air clearance agency

Huqiao international, the national network of ten point one, focuses on import customs clearance for 13 years.

Contact person: Mr. Huang

Involving machinery import customs clearance, international food import customs clearance, wood furniture import customs clearance, chemical products import customs clearance, other general groceries import customs clearance five plates, 300 professional import logistics division service team, efforts to promote import customs clearance "standardized" service. Tiger bridge operation, the establishment of "standard import logistics" outstanding concept for the mission. SEAHOGER import ERP information management, external marketing plan to implement "hull B2B logistics supply chain management platform", fully realize the e-business of tiger bridge operation management. Tiger bridge based on the pearl river delta (Hong Kong, dongguan, shenzhen, guangzhou, foshan, zhongshan, zhuhai) and Yangtze river of Shanghai, ningbo, suzhou, hangzhou, rely on the import hub port handling, flexible integration of the major coastal ports of ports, customs, import and export, bonded warehouse, supervision warehouse, warehouse, trailers and other logistics resources, tiger bridge imported logistics services, across the south China area, east China area, and all the major industrial cities of north China.

I. international logistics

Ocean transportation: international ocean transportation, barge transportation, barge exchange, import and export agent, customs declaration and inspection, port warehousing, land transportation and other port business logistics services

Land transport: medium and Hong Kong tonnage vehicles/trailers, mainland supervision trailers, common trailers, various tonnage vehicles

Air transport: professional operation of North America/Europe route Kuala Lumpur/Singapore/Japan and South Korea route Russia/Middle East route

Customs declaration agents import and export declaration

Food, timber, mechanical and electrical equipment (used mechanical and electrical), furniture, handicraft, plastic, textile, chemical, ceramics, lighting, building materials, such as the car, the ship, for the record, transfer and new enterprise registration (furniture import customs clearance, annatto furniture import customs declaration) strengths complex wood, old and new machinery, second-hand machinery, old and new mold transport import customs clearance.

Commodity inspection

Can provide import log quarantine, endangered species certificate, plant inspection certificate, fumigation certificate;

Can provide automatic import license, used mechanical and electrical import advance filing, Hong Kong inspection (used equipment import pre-shipment inspection);

Instruments can provide 3C certification, commodity inspection record, import ATA duty-free exhibition.

Foreign trade

Import and export certificate of special goods, quota of hardware (used hardware) and rubber, important industrial product certificate of alumina, cargo transportation insurance, letter of credit opened and received by agents, international T/T foreign exchange, professional export tax refund (3 months or immediate refund), etc.

V. special advantages recommend international food: olive oil, red wine, milk powder, seafood, beverage, snack food, etc.;

Electromechanical equipment: new and old production line, used mold import declaration, used generator import declaration, hardware import agent, used machinery import declaration, new machinery import declaration, textile machinery (used textile machinery) import agent, equipment import agent, cotton and cotton yarn import agent, small aircraft, yacht, etc.;

Log: log import declaration, log import declaration, log import declaration;

Chemical products: coatings, paints, cosmetics, etc.

Door to door service of domestic and overseas shipping containers will escort your goods. If you need the shipping date and quotation, please call us for consultation. We will provide you with high-quality and low-cost professional shipping logistics services.


Dinghang container shipping logistics will never turn its back on your good partners.


No matter now and in the future, our service is to reduce the operating cost of customers as the goal, adhere to the customer satisfaction as the evaluation of the company adhering to the "customer first, forge ahead" business philosophy, adhere to the principle of "customers" to provide quality services for our customers.




As long as it is not dangerous goods, it can be transported:


Ceramics, furniture, electrical appliances, electronic products, floor tile, ceramic raw materials, plastic, tires, waste plastics, plastic particles, metal, scrap metal, tin, iron, glass, food, beverages, daily necessities, condiment, feed, paper, wood, stone, building materials, product parts, industrial products, raw materials and other domestic shipping container transportation services.


It is safer than motor transport. 2. It is cheaper than motor transport (only half to two-thirds of the cost). 3.


We have a fleet of vehicles in every port to provide customers with intimate logistics services. So all the ports in the country can go;我公司是一家在广东具有悠久历史和雄厚实力的国内航运公司,主要从事国内沿海内贸集装箱门到门运输、内河驳船和拖车运输。中国已建成覆盖黑龙江、吉林、辽宁、北京、天津、河北、山东、江苏、上海、长江沿岸、浙江、福建、广东、海南、广西等省区的联合运输网络。我公司与国内多家大型贸易船公司建立了长期的合作伙伴关系,所以我们在船期上有了更多的选择,可以更好的满足客户的需求。








































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    公司的整体质量和服务质量得到了船东,托运人和港口单位的广泛认可; 我们致力于为客户开发专业的集装箱运输服务,并提供高质量,低成本和合理的专业运输物流服务。



    • 与各大船务公司签定协议,提供优惠价格,拥有大量优势航线(欧地线、红海线、非洲线、美加线、南美线等等)。
    • 签发包括海洋提单在内的各类各式联运提单或货物承运凭证。
    • 可以根据客户要求,设计合理路线的方案,提供货物全程运输追踪等全方位一站式服务。
      • 可为国内外客户提供集装箱整箱、拼箱、散货及大宗货物的运输和租船业务,同时也可提供目的港的清关、拆箱、提货等服务。
      • 不管您的贸易方式是EXW, FOB还是CIF,我们都能受理
      • 为进口货物提供仓储,运输,集装箱装配和拆包,运输,保险等服务;
    • 在起运港直接办理各项所需的单证文件
    • 提供进口货物的货物换货,报关,检验,检验,结算,终端,接收和监管转运等一站式服务;


    1. 我司从事拖箱业务多年,拥有自己的拖车及仓库。可为客户提供不同时间的仓储、打托包装、薰蒸及短驳服务。
    2. 可以为客户提供全方位的货运保险,包括海运一切险、公路运输货运险、国际货运综合险,其它险等。
    3. 公司是专业的保税仓储、国际中转、加工整理、国际货代、报关报检、物流咨询、转口贸易、出口退税、物流分拨第三方物流企业。
      1. 公司在日本、韩国、台湾、东南亚、中东、澳洲、欧美、非洲等航线有较强的运价优势。
      2. 承接 散杂船、散货船、重吊船、滚装船等各种特种船的经纪与租船服务
      3. 进口——海运整集装箱及拼箱的全程进口、FOB进口运输代理服务
    4. 凭借庞大的商品量,我们可以为客户申请更优惠的价格,从而与客户实现双赢。
    5. 物流联系电话:18826441634
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